The Nintendo Wii Price: How Much Does Wii Cost?

The Nintendo Wii Price: How Much Does Wii Cost?

Released and launched in November 19, 2006, the Nintendo Wii finally hit the market with a fixed price. It was offered in North and South America at a price not above $250. Yes, the Nintendo Wii price just targets $249.99, allowing the people to obtain the product without spending more than $250. This Nintendo Wii price was released right on the product’s launching date.

Such initial price of the Nintendo Wii was offered for the full product package. The Nintendo Wii package includes the Wii remote, an AC adapter, a sensor bar, a sensor bar stand, an audio and video cable, a piece of nunchunk attachment, two batteries, and the console itself. There are also several retailers of the Nintendo Wii that offer the item at the same price with a copy of the Wii Sports, which is but a collection of the best championship sports – baseball, tennis, boxing, bowling, and golf.

Although that said, the Nintendo Wii price is subject to change depending on the market dealers. This change in price occurs primarily for the reason that more and more add-ons are developed for the Nintendo Wii. The Nintendo Wii games are a great factor that affects the change in Nintendo Wii price. The initial package, however, is intact, but if you want more games to be downloaded to your Wii, you need to pay an additional price for the individual games offered.

For instance, it was first mentioned in some news releases that the Nintendo Company, Limited is introducing more titles for the video gamers to consider. These titles will include games patterned from Zelda, Mario, and Donkey Kong. These games are developed for the virtual console of the Nintendo Wii, and each of them costs from a range of $5 to $10. If we will convert such prices to yen, the result would reveal that the Nintendo Wii price of each of the virtual games may cost from 500 to 1,000 yen, for those that are marketed in Japan.

There are further variations in the price of the games included in the Nintendo Wii package. According to the Nintendo Company, Limited, the newly developed Wii games should cost around $49.99 each. Well, it is this Nintendo Wii price which makes the Wii much affordable than its counterpart, the Xbox 360. Note, however, that such above mentioned price is only applicable to the first party Wii games. Those that are developed by the third party are not yet priced.

Finally, since many consumers of the Wii sometimes buy the Wii equipments and accessories separately, the company had set certain prices for each Wii part. The controller, for instance, costs $20, while the nunchuck costs around $19.99. The Wii remote, in case it interests you, costs around $39.99.