People Love Games

´╗┐People Love Games

People love games. Whether it’s a board or card game or a game for computer play, they are fun and popular.
People have played games since the beginning of time. Games were first played with everyday items such as rocks and now we have games of every kind and about every subject for almost every age.
Think of the card games that have been around for years: Solitaire, Pitch, Old Maid, Bridge, Go Fish and War. People have been entertained by card games for a very long time and they are still played today.
Board games like Monopoly, Clue, and Sorry were games we played as children that are still being played. Add some of the newer ones like Trivial Pursuit, Apples to Apples and Pictionary. New games are being designed all the time.
Some family card games include Uno and Phase 10 and a few of the newer family board games are Mall Madness and Hello Kitty. Scrabble still remains a favorite as does Catch Phrase, Chess and Backgammon.
There are also lots of computer games including the old Intellivision. Our family had one years ago and last Christmas our son purchased one for us on E-bay. We have enjoyed playing all the old games like Lock N Chase and Burger Time. That system is just the right speed for us older folks.
You can play internet games on your computer. There are thousands of games available. Most internet games can be downloaded for a free trial. You can play against other players too which makes the internet games challenging as well as fun.
You can rent computer games from your video stores. This allows you to try the game before you buy it. With all the games to choose from this is a good idea, Most of these games are one or two player games and cover many subjects. They are rated according to how appropriate they are concerning violence, language and subject matter. There are Playstation 2 games as well as games for other computer systems like X-Box.
Games are still a wonderful way to spend leisure time. Choose a card or board game for your family or settle in for an evening of Pc gaming. It’s all lots of fun!