Nintendo wii consumer reports

´╗┐Nintendo wii consumer reports

Nintendo Wii is a fifth generation and the latest video-game console that was released recently on November 14, 2006. A couple weeks after its launching, Nintendo fans are already naming the craze "Wii-mania". Read on why:

For a $250-console, you’ll experience a different type of excitement especially brought on by the Wii remote, the innovative controller that manipulates most of the motions of players in Wii games. Nintendo is quite successful on this one since children and adults alike are sure to enjoy the physical attributes of playing using the controllers, according to Nintendo Wii consumer reports. Plus, the Wii Sports compiles sports games, which may lack in depth, but are action-packed and fully utilizes the Wii Remote so you will know how to use it in other more complicated games.

Nintendo Wii consumer reports also acclaimed the wrist strap attached to the Wii Remote, which prevents future accidents in case the player gets so engrossed with the games and loses a grip. The Wii likewise includes extra features created for younger players, called Miis. Nintendo Wii consumer reports praised the good parental controls in Wii as well as the many other games customized for children.

You can keep your Nintendo GameCube discs. Nintendo Wii consumer reports expressed admiration that the Wii is backward compatible allowing you to play your favorite GameCube games and other previously released Nintendo games on a new console and innovative controllers.

The Wii console (including rear connectors) is only 8.5×6.25×1.75 inches in dimension, which makes it one of the smallest game consoles ever made. This makes the console easy to stack on a component rack, or stand it next to your TV although you’d have to allow some space for the sizable power brick. The system runs quickly and quietly according to Nintendo Wii consumer reports.

There are online websites that offer full reviews not just for the Wii game system but the Wii games both first and third party. and feature previews and reviews of the latest Wii games as well as other news that concern Wii. Another aspect that could account for Nintendo Wii consumer reports are the videos that display game previews, so it gives you an idea of how the Wii games look like.

What’s disappointing in Wii according the consumer reports is the lack of depth in the graphics. While PS3 may have a resolution of 1080p and can very well load HD DVD discs, Nintendo Wii only has a 480p resolution and cannot play DVDs. However, if it’s the fun of the games you’re after, Nintendo Wii dared to dabble and bring life back to an otherwise dying industry.