Get A Useful Wii Remote

Get A Useful Wii Remote

When Nintendo released their new Wii system late last year, everyone was curious to see what the deal was with the long one-handed remote that was to serve as the console’s main controller. Named for its resemblance to a television remote control, the Wii remote is more innovative and more user friendly than the traditional gamepad controllers. But even with all the motion detection and interactive play, how wonderful is the Wii Remote?

Responsive to every move you make, the motion detection feature of the Wii remote sets it apart from any other controller every made. Nintendo wanted to make something that anyone, even someone who has never played video games before, could pick up and easily adapt to. Any user of this remote would probably agree that Nintendo got the design and functionality spot on. You must just remember to secure the remote to your wrist with the strap so that it does not slip from your hand when you’re playing a game.

The Wii remote uses Bluetooth wireless technology to communicate with the controller. That sets it apart from other remotes that use cumbersome cords and unreliable wireless. Up to four remotes can be picked up as far as 30 feet from the sensor, however performance is best when used within 16 feet. It’s almost a moot point because it’d be hard to see the screen from that far away.

The Wii remote is very flexible and can be used by both right-handed and left-handed people. Hold it vertically for most games that require fighting, jumping, or swinging an object. For car games you can turn it horizontally and use it as a virtual steering wheel to race your car around the track. There’s almost no maneuver that you can’t execute with your Wii remote.

Nintendo designed several accessories for the Wii remote, although not all of them have been put to market. The nunchuck has a C button and trigger button, and can be used for many games, and comes in and oblong shape. The nunchuck plugs into the remote for communicating with the game, and it is held in your free hand. It’s usually bundled together with with Wii console. The other remote attachment that was released by Nintendo is the classic controller, which looks like the old Nintendo gamepad controllers. This one can be used with those virtual games that you buy with Wii points. Virtual games are great because they make the selection of available games so much bigger.