Summary: Curacaoans and the games they play.

Did you ever wonder if basketball is as celebrated in Curacao as it is in the United States? What equivalent sports to ice hockey can they play?

You’d be surprised that a lot of games can actually be played in Curacao. Being a highly-regarded beach site, water activities are very much popular. From snorkeling, to deep sea diving, to kayaking, to windsurfing, Curacao hotels and resorts provide these choices to guests.

Curacao games also include mountain biking. It recently hosted for the first time, the MTB World Cup Series. It was a major adjustment for bikers who were used to winter temperatures, but they all agreed that swimming, and other outdoor activities are done way better in Curacao. Biking enthusiasts will love the challenge when biking through Curacao’s narrow and twisty paths. Bikes and motorcycles are available for rent. One is also allowed to choose his own route.

Other favorite outdoor activities are hiking and jeep safaris. More beautiful scenery can be seen if you opt to explore Curacao. Guided horse-back riding is also available along Curacao’s well-preserved nature.

And just when you thought Curacao games stop there, think again. Curacao has two bowling places to go to. So bowling buffs can still enjoy their favorite game even if they’re a thousand miles from home.

And what better way to spend the day than to go bird-watching! Curacao is home to more than a hundred bird species. So whether you’re curled up with a good book on the beach, or following your bike trail, you’re sure to come across some of these winged creatures.

Chess and indoor karting are well-known Curacao games as well. Curacaoans have their Curacao Open chess tournament and an indoor karting lane called Tracks that offers other amenities like gaming room and pool tables.

Drag Races are a big thing in Curacao. Considered one of the most famous Curacao games, its Curacao International Raceway track is modern and was built according to international standards.

Tennis is also very popular among all the Curacao games. Many hotels have their own tennis courts to cater to guests who are tennis-lovers. Curacao also has its own tennis tournaments like The Curacao’s Jr’s Open Tennis Tournament, which welcomed almost a hundred participants from different countries.

Wherever you are in the world, you always find something to do that would really perk up your interest. Whether you are used to doing it, or you just learned about it, keep in mind that like Curacao games, all entertainment activities are there to do just that — to entertain you.