Cheat Codes For The Play Station

´╗┐Cheat Codes For The Play Station

The age of high technology has evolved into something that is very distinct and advance. All of the things are made from the newest innovations. All are being run by computers. Everything today is being managed and controlled by the cyber technology.

One of the things that the cyber technology offers is the playstation. Playstation is a very popular console video game center and entertainment system. Many games of different types are available on CD and it can be loaded into the system to be played by one or more players.

Console video game is a game that is powered by a specialized computer desktop or sometimes regarded as software. The game software is widely available on CDs or DVDs. In the beginning of console video game, game machines used cartridges that contains read only memory chips.

The games in the playstations are of different types. It varies from a vast range of choices. The themes of the games are maybe of warfare, love story, cartoons or quest. In general, all themes of the games of playstations are about adventure.

The settings of the games are also of different categories and types. There are settings that are virtually beyond our imagination. Some are in forests, native lands. Most of the warfare games setting are inn abandoned buildings. Some setting of the games are of fantasy and magical world. There are also setting that are made from the imagination of the game creator.

The characters in the games of playstation are of peculiarity. All of them are very new in our minds and memory, but some are the traditional ones that we have already known. The characters are of different characteristics. All are very courageous and very determined. All most all characters are of super natural power.

Many or all most all of the games of the playstation use cheat codes. Cheat code is a character combination that is being entered to change the game’s behavior. Cheat codes were fist used in the Atari 2600 video game adventure and it paved the way to the widespread use of cheat codes.

After its introduction, cheat codes were implemented and were used by different game creators and developers to test play the different aspects of video games. The most common user of cheat code is to skip to a level in a game.

There are methods of entering cheat codes and it varies. On video game consoles that lacks keyboards, the code is frequently a sequence of button presses. On personal computers, cheat code can be textual and being entered with use of keyboard. It can also be entered with the use of mouse. In today’s modern video games, the cheat codes are also often enabled through adding special settings in the game configuration files.

Cheat codes by definition are considered cheating and those most serious players do not use them. Sometimes the use of cheat codes is necessary particularly in the case of bugs. A cheat code has the capabilities of bypassing a bug without the need of starting the whole game from the very beginning.

One of the famous cheat codes is the Konami code- up, up,down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, start. This is first used in the video game Gradius and prominently used in the game Contra. Another is the Sega Genesis version of Mortal Combat- A, B, A, C, A, B, B. This is the cheat code that allowed full blood and fatalities in the game.

The birth of cheat codes made the world of video games more exciting and challenging. However, since it is considered cheating, it is up to you if it is to used. As long as the player is enjoying, the use of cheat codes for playstaion games are not prohibited.