Are these Playstation 3 Games Compelling To Buy PS3?

Are these Playstation 3 Games Compelling To Buy PS3?

Analyze Playstation 3’s slogan “Play B3yond”. Does it say to you the best visuals or the best experience? Or a combination of both?

As expected to a console that’s so labeled with cutting edge technology, Playstation 3 is expected to pop some impressive game line that feature the best visuals. And guess what, yes it had. A number of Playstation 3 games have flexed graphical muscles of the system one time or another. And truth to tell, I’ve never seen a skin texture so lifelike than Fight Night: Round 3. Even the landed punches and the resulting distorted faces are so lifelike. And there are only few games that can rival the gritty atmosphere set inside Call of Duty 3. So realistic that it could trigger mechanical response of even veteran and jaded players for its pragmatic realism.

Here’s a list of must-have Playstation 3 games:

Call of Duty 3

Call of Duty 3 is a highly anticipated title. Set in the midst of the gritty World War atmosphere, Call of Duty 3 is a shooter game where you take control of a young soldier bent to make small things count. Call of Duty 3 sets the best game atmosphere, playing it could immerse you to an environment you’d practically believe. So convincing that when I played the game, I just stood there looking at everything, actually checking if there are glitches that could give the game feel away. If you are buying a Playstation 3 console, don’t miss this game title.

Fight Night: Round 3

EA Sports is known to deliver games showcasing the best visuals. And they release impressive line of sports games: NBA Live, Madden, FIFA…etc. Fight Night: Round 3 is no exception. But what sets it apart from others is its too lifelike skin textures. If you haven’t seen the visuals of Fight Night: Round 3, you haven’t seen any Playstation 3 games. Even the knockout replays is so convincing that it can get real nasty at times, watching those faces pounded to deformity by blows. Will I recommend this title? Yes of course, especially if you love sports.

Genji: Days of the Blade

Too bad this game suffers from severe blandness, too bland that you’d desire a teaspoon of salt 30 minutes into the game. But what it lacks for game play, it has the best game visuals of the Playstation 3. If you were wowed by Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children, you should have this title. Lifelike mythical Japanese characters are so well made it like watching a CGI animation.

Playstation 3 does have a menu for better Playstation 3 games. Titles like Call of Duty 3, Fight Night: Round 3 and Resistance: Fall of Man are the best, the rest are degrees of lameness. Are these Playstation 3 games compelling enough to buy a $600 console? Perhaps it could. But it may not be enough for you to buy a PS3.

You see, Playstation 3 games are carrying an arrogance of their own. And if Playstation 3 games fail to deliver the way a consumer expects, it wouldn’t be hard to imagine where the next option for gaming would lie.